Meeting of the IASECS Executive Board, and ad hoc Committee to revise the IASECS Constitution

October 12, 2022 4-5pm, via Zoom

In attendance: Elena Deanda, Luis Ramos, Mehl Penrose, Hazel Gold, Karen Stolley, Enid Valle, Betsy Lewis

This meeting of members of the IASECS Executive Board plus volunteers appointed at the Business Meeting in Baltimore met virtually via Zoom to discuss amendments to the IASECS Constitution to allow for virtual business meetings in the future.
Elena Deanda (IASECS President) circulated a google doc copy of the current constitution, with suggested wording for prior comment. The members in attendance at the Zoom meeting went through the suggested changes and comments on the document, which we will present at the next IASECS Business meeting in St. Louis. If passed by the membership present in St. Louis, these changes will allow for conducting business and elections in person or virtually in the future. Elena circulated recordings of the meeting and the google doc again to members who were not able to attend the virtual meeting.

The group also discussed ways to encourage more graduate student and young scholar participation in IASECS, as well as more collaboration with international colleagues. Ideas included increasing the number or size of travel grants, hosting virtual presentations (possibly jointly with international colleagues), and extending a travel award to an international scholar.

The group agreed to meet again in mid-November and mid-January, and to send out a formal motion to amend the constitution to the membership in February, ahead of our in-person business meeting March 10, 2023 in St. Louis, when we will vote on the changes.

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