ASECS 2022 Baltimore Panel Proposals Due 5/15

Hi everyone. Just a reminder that if you’d like to propose a session for Baltimore, this Saturday is the deadline.

More info about how to submit a proposal:

Proposals for panels, roundtables and other sessions at the 2022 ASECS Annual Meeting are now being accepted! The online submission form is available hereThe deadline for proposal submissions is Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Below are the ideas from our brainstorming session at the 2021 virtual conference:

• Trial by Combat: Duel by Pen and Sword (Yvonne Fuentes)
• Enlightened Sensorium (Elena) to include more than IASECS
• Language, territoriality, and power. Coordinate with another society? Race and Empire? (Karen Stolley and Cathy Jaffe to be proposed as our official IASECS session)
• Port Cities and Infrastructure (Valentina or Karen?)
• North and South in the 18th Century (Hazel)
• Out of the Shadow: Other Gothic Traditions (Kathleen Fueger)
• Issues of translation, maybe pre-circulate papers to facilitate (more innovative session) Valentina and Clorinda. Elena suggest use of Padlet
• Women working, women at work (Betsy)
• Representations of corpses in the 18th century (Karissa)
• Hispanists here to help workshop on course design (Renee Gutiérrez, Karen Stolley, and Adela Ramos)

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