See you in St. Louis!!

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in St. Louis in a couple of weeks. Here are some details about our IASECS involved panels and activities during the conference. See the conference program for more details and room numbers.

IASECS Business Meeting

On Friday, March 10, following our IASECS sponsored session 4:30-6pm. (see below), we will hold our annual business meeting. Please note also that there is an Affiliates Society Reception at 6pm. We’ve been invited to get a drink and some food before our meeting. Still waiting on a room assignment for the meeting, and will update this post as soon as we know. We will do our best to get through our agenda in 45 minutes.


  • Reports (president, secretary/treasurer/awards and grants)
  • Election of Officers
  • Proposed change to the IASECS Constitution to allow for virtual meetings. See original language and proposed changes here.
  • Brief discussion of 2024 panels for Toronto and recruitment
  • Proposal to hold “Virtual Retreat” April 24 or 25, 6-7:30pm EST to finalize session panels, discuss recruitment

To be followed by dinner at Yemanja Brasil Restaurant, 2900 Missouri Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118. Price per person $51 plus tip. See menu below.


2024 IASECS-Member involved sessions in the ASECS Conference Program

Thursday, March 9:


Session 7. What’s Love Got to Do with It? I – Marriage and Money in the Eighteenth Century . Chair: Renee GUTIÉRREZ (Valentina Tikoff)


Session 39. Bodies in Motion in the Eighteenth Century
: Mariselle MELÉNDEZ (Elena Deanda)

4:30 pm

Session 60. Indigenous, Black, Asian and Mixed-Race Architects and Builders in the Eighteenth-century Americas
: Luis Gordo PELÁEZ, California State University, Fresno, and Juan Luis BURKE, University of Maryland

Session 69. Christianity, Religion, and Community-Building
: Kelly KAELIN (Luis Ramos)

Friday March 10


Session 76. Roundtable: Epistolarity; Or, The Lost Art of Letter-Writing
: Catherine JAFFE


Session 87. Race and Identity in Afro-Iberian-Latin American Literary and Visual Texts during the Eighteenth Century
: Oscar Ruiz HERNANDEZ

Session 89. Changing Course: Riverways in the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Kathleen FUEGER


Session 115. Ecologies and the Sublime [Science Studies Caucus]
: Thomas BEACHDEL (Elizabeth Lewis)

Session 125. Indigeneity across Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English Empires: Resistance, Negotiation and Collaboration. IASECS Official Session

Chair: Elena DEANDA-CAMACHO, Washington College
Respondent: Karen STOLLEY, Emory University

Saturday March 11


Session 131. Building the 18th Century: Histories of Physical Form
: Janet R. WHITE, UNLV School of Architecture (Luis GORDO PELÁEZ)


Session 149. Roundtable: Rethinking Eighteenth-century Italian Culture and Its Transnational Connections: An NEH Planning Grant Project
Chair: Clorinda DONATO, California State University, Long Beach

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