Baltimore Business Meeting Notes, ASECS Call for Submissions St. Louis, ASECS Town Hall

Minutes from IASECS Business Meeting
Friday, April 1, 2022

Members in attendance: Valentina Tikoff, Elena Deanda, Betsy Lewis, Enid Valle, Cathy Jaffe, Mehl Penrose, Mariselle Meléndez, Hazel Gold, Karen Stolley, Peggy Bonds, Luis Ramos, Francisco Robles, Allyson Poska, (virtual attendees) Renee Gutiérrez, Kathleen Fueger, Karissa Bushman (if you were present and not accounted for, please let Betsy know, she forgot the pass the attendance list!)

The meeting was led by outgoing IASECS president, Valentina Tikoff
I. Elections: The following members were elected as 2023 officers.
President: Elena Deanda, Washington College
Vice President: Mehl Penrose, University of Maryland
Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Elizabeth Lewis, University of Mary Washington (3-Year Term)
Member-at-Large: (3 years): Hazel Gold, Emory University
Member at-Large: (2 years): Mariselle Meléndez, University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign, replacing Nick Wolters
Member-at-Large: (1 year): Karissa Bushman, Quinnipiac University.

II. Reports:
A. Betsy Lewis (Membership and Financial report): We had 17 paying memberships in 2021, and a year-end balance of $4,398.

B. Enid Valle (Prizes and Grants): IASECS Essay Prize 2022 winner is María Carillo-Marquina (University of Delaware) for “Cajitas de Rapé: Miniature Social Landscapes and Imperial Dreaming.” Congratulations, María! We encourage María and all future winners of the essay prize to submit a proposal to present at ASECS the following year, and apply for our IASECS travel grant.

B. Cathy Jaffe (ASECS/ISECS update): 2023 meeting will be in St. Louis, 2024 Toronto, 2025 Philadelphia, 2026 Virtual (tentatively). Jaffe also mentioned that the international eighteenth-century studies conference (ISECS) would occur in Rome in 2023, and that the international Hispanists’ meeting in Neuchâtel originally scheduled for 2022 now also has been re-scheduled for summer 2023.

III. Re-examination of IASECS Constitution: The 5 newly elected 2023 IASECS Executive board (president, vice-president and members-at-large), along with IASECS members Cathy Jaffe, Enid Valle, Peggy Bonds, and Karen Stolley will work together over the coming year to examine our IASECS Constitution in light of the possibility of future hybrid or online meetings and any other adjustments that may be needed. (A vote was taken to charge them with this task.) Some people at the meeting recommended that this committee also give some thought to how to spend IASECS funds. Some ideas included support for contingent scholars, an event [e.g., concert] linked to an IASECS session at an ASECS meeting, etc. The committee will present a report (and motion if needed) for the next business meeting in St. Louis, 2023.

IV. Brainstorming for ASECS 2023, St. Louis. See below ideas for sessions. Guaranteed session submission date, April 25, 2022. All others due May 26, 2022 (Please see announcement below).

Please let Betsy know if your proposed session is accepted.

Possible sessions and proposers:

  • Indigeneity (IASECS official session): Elena Deanda and Karen Stolley
  • Dowries: Valentina Tikoff
  • Bodies in Transit: Mariselle Meléndez
  • Rivers and Peoples, Imaginary and Real: Kathleen Fueger
  • Literature and Language of Exile: Luis Ramos and Francisco Robles
  • Cities’ Patron Saints (tie-in with the St. Louis location of the 2023 conference): Karissa Bushman
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It? Marriage and Money in the Eighteenth Century: Renee Gutiérrez

ASECS 2023 St. Louis Call for Submissions:

We are pleased to share that the Call for Session Proposals for the. ASECS 2023 Annual Meeting in St. Louis is NOW OPEN. For all the details, see here: deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday May 26, 2022.

ASECS Town Hall Meeting May 11, 2022

We also want to remind you that next Wednesday, May 11, at 5pmET, ASECS is hosting a ZOOM Town Hallto discuss the ASECS Membership and Engagement Report. Register here ( to receive the Zoom link. The report itself is available on the ASECS website (, or directly via this link (

Business Meeting Agenda, Friday April 1, 1pm

Our Annual Business Meeting will take place during the ASECS conference in Baltimore, this Friday, April 1st from 1-2pm in Key 10. To request link for virtual attendance please request link below. We regret that at this time members in virtual attendance cannot vote or stand for election.

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I. Elections: The following members have been nominated as 2023 officers. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

  • President: Elena Deanda, Washington College
  • Vice President: Mehl Penrose, University of Maryland
  • Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Elizabeth Lewis, University of Mary Washington (for a second, 3-Year Term)
  • Member-at-Large: (3 years): Hazel Gold, Emory University
  • Member at-Large: (2 years): Mariselle Meléndez, University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign, replacing Nick Wolters
  • Member-at-Large: (1 year): Karissa Bushman, Quinnipiac University. (last year of elected term in 2023. We do not need to vote on Karissa).

II. Reports:

  • Betsy Lewis (Membership and Financial report)
  • Enid Valle (Prizes and Grants)
  • Cathy Jaffe (ASECS update)

III. Re-examination of IASECS Constitution: We’d like to propose forming a committee to examine our Constitution in light of the possibility of future hybrid or online meetings and any other adjustments that may be needed. The committee present a report (and motion if needed) at the next business meeting in St. Louis, 2023. We thought of proposing that the committee be the 5 members of the newly elected Executive Board, plus 5 more volunteers.

IV. Brainstorming for ASECS 2023, St. Louis. 

IASECS at ASECS Baltimore: Important announcements!!

Our in-person conference in Baltimore is less than two weeks away! Read below for some very important information about the IASECS Business Meeting and Dinner, as well as some other good stuff!

Our annual business meeting will be Friday, April 1, from 1-2pm in room Key 10. This is during a lunch break, so bring you lunch with you if you like! At the business meeting we will elect new officers and brainstorm about sessions for 2023. Let me know if you have any agenda items. I will try to post an agenda on our website by the Monday, March 28th.

Later Friday there is also an ASECS and Affiliate Societies Bar at 6pm in the South Foyer.

The IASECS Dinner will be Friday, April 1, at 7:30pm at the Peruvian restaurant Puerto 511. We have a $69 fixed menu with 6 ‘entradas’, with vegetarian and vegan options. It is BYOB so plan accordingly. Please RSVP via the form by Friday March 25th if you intend to join us. All IASECS members and friends are welcome!

Lastly if you filter the program on the ASECS app for “Spanish” you will find our IASECS involved sessions listed.

RSVP for the IASECS Dinner:

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Please remember to fill out ASECS survey

As you may know, ASECS has partnered with Gladiator Consulting to undertake a survey of the Society’s membership. It is imperative that a broad cross-section of the Society’s membership complete the survey, the results of which will help set ASECS’s agenda for the future. I am writing to encourage you to complete the survey. You should have received a link through the email address associated with your ASECS account—you might need to check your SPAM filter. The subject line of the email is “ASECS Membership Survey” and it will come from If you have not received the link, or have any issues, please contact

The survey will assist ASECS in:
● understanding our member demographics, disciplines, working conditions, and
conference preferences
● shaping our mission, vision, and purpose as a scholarly organization
● understanding what is working for members and where we might enhance
member experience and benefits
● understanding membership perceptions around diversity and inclusion at ASECS
● gathering diversity and inclusion information with respect to member experience

ASECS Baltimore Session “Castrati: Science, Surgery, and Sexuality”

See message for IASECS member Clorinda Donato below:

Hi All, 
I hope you are all well.  I am looking for a few more speakers for my roundtable on castrati.  Remember, you can give a paper, and present in a roundtable.  Here is the description:

Castrati: Science, Surgery, and Sexuality

The vocal mystique of the castrati, immortalized in the celebrity of Farinelli, has been the subject of important monographs by Martha Feldman, as well as novels, such as Helen Berry’s The Castrato and His Wife. Throughout Europe, the talents of the castrati were praised to the same degree that the means of achieving their vocal excellence were decried. These decried means and their outcomes in terms of sexuality and gender identity constitute the topic of this roundtable, which seeks short presentations on the science and surgery of castration in the interest of shedding new light on this form of sexual surgery and its outcomes related to the castrato’s sexuality, identity, and gender. The presentations may also engage the topic transnationally to discover whether the loci of surgery were always Italian, and whether young boys from outside of Italy were sent to Italy for surgery, including how those trips were arranged and negotiated. Treatises on the science and surgery of castration as well as existing translations and their reception might also be addressed in this session. Topics exploring how the science of sexuality in the twenty-first century informs our understanding of castrati in the eighteenth century are also sought for this roundtable.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Urgent: Proposals needed for IASECS-involved sessions at ASECS Baltimore, March 31 – April 2, 2022

Several of our IASECS proposed sessions are still seeking proposals to present at the ASECS annual meeting in Baltimore, March 31-April 2, 2022, including our IASECS official session, which CURRENTLY HAS NO PROPOSALS!

  1. Territoriality, language, and power in the 18th-Century IberoAmerican world
    ORGANIZERS NAME, AFFILIATIONS, EMAIL ADDRESS: Catherine Jaffe, Texas State University, Karen Stolley, Emory University,

Although the deadline is technically September 15th, please take a look at the CFP and submit your proposal as soon as possible!

Still time to submit a panel proposal for ASECS 2022 Baltimore

If you missed the deadline, there is still time:

The deadline for submitting session proposals for the 52nd Annual Meeting has been extended to June 27, 2021.

The 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies is less than a year away! The ASECS Annual Meeting will be held at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, Maryland, March 31 – April 2, 2022. We hope to see you there.

For information on the session guidelines for ASECS Annual Meetings, click here. View the Reforms to the Program Committee here.

The 2022 Annual Meeting will include guaranteed sessions sponsored by caucuses and affiliate societies and general sessions. Before submitting your proposal, consult the lists of these sessions, available here, to confirm that the topic you are proposing is not already included in the program. This information may also be accessed via the annual meeting website, which is currently under construction.

Proposals for panels, roundtables and other sessions at the 2022 ASECS Annual Meeting are now being accepted! The online submission form is available here. The deadline for proposal submissions is Sunday, June 27, 2021. Please note that members now may propose no more than one session. If a member submits more than one session form, the Program Committee will consider the one with the earliest time stamp.

The Program Committee also invites proposals for sessions in other formats, as well as for pre-conference workshops. In addition to explaining what the session would contribute to the Annual Meeting, special proposals should include a detailed description of the format and logistical requirements (e.g., technology, type of meeting space, particular days/times); an estimate of additional costs to participants or to ASECS (if any); and an explanation of how people would be chosen to participate (if it is not open to all conference attendees). If the event is a workshop that would have a facilitator or main presenter(s), provide a brief description of their expertise. The Program Committee may contact proposers for additional information before deciding on whether special sessions will be included on the Annual Meeting program. Proposals that cannot be accommodated in Baltimore may be considered for later Annual Meetings. If you have any questions, please contact the ASECS Business Office at

ASECS 2022 Baltimore Panel Proposals Due 5/15

Hi everyone. Just a reminder that if you’d like to propose a session for Baltimore, this Saturday is the deadline.

More info about how to submit a proposal:

Proposals for panels, roundtables and other sessions at the 2022 ASECS Annual Meeting are now being accepted! The online submission form is available hereThe deadline for proposal submissions is Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Below are the ideas from our brainstorming session at the 2021 virtual conference:

• Trial by Combat: Duel by Pen and Sword (Yvonne Fuentes)
• Enlightened Sensorium (Elena) to include more than IASECS
• Language, territoriality, and power. Coordinate with another society? Race and Empire? (Karen Stolley and Cathy Jaffe to be proposed as our official IASECS session)
• Port Cities and Infrastructure (Valentina or Karen?)
• North and South in the 18th Century (Hazel)
• Out of the Shadow: Other Gothic Traditions (Kathleen Fueger)
• Issues of translation, maybe pre-circulate papers to facilitate (more innovative session) Valentina and Clorinda. Elena suggest use of Padlet
• Women working, women at work (Betsy)
• Representations of corpses in the 18th century (Karissa)
• Hispanists here to help workshop on course design (Renee Gutiérrez, Karen Stolley, and Adela Ramos)

Reports from 2021 Business Meeting and Brainstorming for 2022 Meeting in Baltimore

Below please find the minutes and reports from our IASECS Business meeting, as well as notes from the Brainstorming Session at the 2021 ASECS Virtual Conference.

Don’t forget to pay your 2021 dues, if you haven’t already. You may pay through the Paypal link on the website, or by mailing a check to Betsy, address on the website.

Note that one item discussed during the Brainstorming Session was to have some virtual get-togethers to socialize share our research throughout the year. Be on the look-out for an invitation to participate in an organizational meeting regarding this in mid-May.


IASECS at St. Louis

Below please find highlighted the sessions related to IASECS. Please also note our business meeting on Friday at 6pm, and our dinner following at approximately 7:30pm.

Dinner is at and we have arranged for a private room. It’s a $63 prix fixe. If you’d like to join us, please respond on the yahoo email list, or by emailing